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What to expect?

the house or apartment will need all utilities on at time of service

the house needs the heat on at least 24 hours before appointment.

the bathroom should be cleared  out of items

any leaks or drips or other plumbing issues should be fixed before appointment

the window in the bathroom needs to be open

the tub area should be generally clean and items removed.

the length of time is 3 hours for a standard bathtub

The process...

the tub will be removed of any old paint or finish

the tub will then be cleaned with a specialized degreaser

the tub will then be acid etched

the tub will then have primer applied to it

the tub will then be masked off with paper and bathroom covered with tarps

a machine will be placed in the window to remove any odor

all material is applied onto the tub with a 4 stage spraying system

after tub is reglazed all paper is removed and tub is caulked.

Wait 2 days for it to dry

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